Curriculum Guide

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Principal Message

Dear Eagle Family,

Thank you for attending Independence Middle School, home of the Eagles. This curriculum guide is designed to help you map out the courses you will be taking during your three years at Independence Middle.  In this guide you will find information about programs and specific courses.

Take the time to peruse this guide to ensure that youCurriculum Guide pic 1 select the courses that will have the greatest impact on your future. Read carefully, discuss options with your parents, ask questions of your counselor/teachers.  The commitments you make at registration time will determine your course schedule for next year.  Therefore, it is critical that you invest the time necessary to make informed decisions about the courses you will take.  

It is important that you challenge yourself academically by selecting the most rigorous courses in which you can succeed.  We are proud of the high standards of academic excellence at Independence Middle, and we will do all we can to see that the process of registration is a positive and productive one for you.


Eric Lundman


“Preparing our Eagles to SOAR into the Future”

Schedule Change Policy
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Schedule changes will be made to correct misplacements, scheduling errors, and modifications due to courses completed over the summer. However,  schedule changes are not made for preferences for teachers, teams, or friends.  All schedule change requests must be sent to the appropriate grade level school counselor.

Note: Class Size Amendment requirements and budget changes may require class size balancing after the school year has begun.